Tips on Fighting Spam in Outlook Email

Outlook is one of those most popular email clients in the world, mainly due to its being included in Microsoft Office, which is a hugely popular productivity application suite. Outlook’s spam fighting capabilities has gone from non-existent to decent since its inception. Here are a few tips as you try to fight spam when checking emails using Outlook:

  • Always “Block Sender” when receiving spam. Using this every time you get spam will help train Outlook into not showing you emails from that email address ever again. Use it constantly and Outlook will keep those nasty letters at bay.
  • Use “Rules” to keep bad stuff filtered out. Maybe people will set up rules in Outlook to direct emails from certain senders to the inbox or the trash can. If you know you’re expecting emails from certain coworkers and you do not want them to be sent to spam, create a rule in Outlook to send those right to the inbox.
  • In relation to the above tip, use Outlook’s “Rules Wizard.” This makes creating rules and filters a synch — relatively.
  • Turn OFF Auto-Filtering. This may seem counter-intuitive, but this feature has been known to send valid emails to the spam folder on more than one occasion. Turn this off and manually filter out the bad stuff for an optimum email experience.
  • You can actually block senders and countries as well. If you’ve noticed that most of your spam comes from certain countries, say Nigeria for example, you can use Outlook’s filters to automatically send emails from Nigeria to spam.

These are just a few tips to get you started. Keep checking our site for more tips, strategies and tools to help you keep spam out of your life for good!